Early Innovators : The Elliott Brothers in Sioux Lookout

The items in this exhibit represent some of the Museum's earliest acquisitions and two significant individuals in the history of Sioux Lookout. All of the artifacts that are displayed here either belonged to or are associated with Carmen and Warren Elliott, also known as the Elliott Brothers. The Elliott Bros. moved to Sioux Lookout from Dryden in 1915. The brothers worked in the Sioux Lookout Roundhouse for a time, but soon decided to go into business for themselves. They opened a workshop close to their house where they crafted airplane skis, boats and snowshoes among other things. The quality of their workmanship soon made them famous, and as a result their skis were used by Admiral Richard E. Byrd for his first and second South Pole explorations in 1929 and 1933. Admiral Byrd's airplane (a Tri-Motor Ford) and the original Elliott Bros. skis are on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborne, Michigan. Elliott Bros. skis were also widely used during the Second World War; at the height of which, 25 men were employed in their shop. (Adapted from multiple sources, including Tracks Beside the Water, Vol. I)

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Early Innovators