Early Innovators : The Elliott Brothers in Sioux Lookout
W-5 L-6.8 cm
Canada Decalcomania Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ontario
An unused Elliott Brothers Decal. The decal itself is an oval shaped and is on an off-white coloured paper. The decal is dark blue with gold writing and a gold maple leaf in the center. It reads "Made by Elliott Brothers, Sioux Lookout, Ont., Canada." The decal has a gold border as well. On the back is a logo with a picture of a beaver with text inside that reads "Made in Canada, Kwick-Way Registered Name Plate." Canada Decalcomania Co. Ltd. 507 King St. East, Toronto."
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Elliott Brothers Decal- FrontElliott Brothers Decal- Front
Elliott Brothers Decal- BackElliott Brothers Decal- Back