Early Innovators : The Elliott Brothers in Sioux Lookout
March 1911
H-10.2 W-21 L-58.4 cm
Carmen W. Elliott
Violin and case made in 1911 and used by Carmen until his death in 1965. A piece of paper visible through the sound hole reads "Made by C. W. Elliott/ March 1911/ Dryden, ONT."

The body of the violin is made from a dark brown wood with a lighter brown border. Only three tuning pegs remain attached and there are no strings.
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Violin- FrontViolin- Front
Violin- BottomViolin- Bottom
Violin- SideViolin- Side
Violin- TopViolin- Top
Violin- BackViolin- Back
Violin- DamageViolin- Damage
Violin- Headscroll DetailViolin- Headscroll Detail
Violin- DetailViolin- Detail
Violin and CaseViolin and Case