Putting Down Roots : Artefacts and photographs from our community's early days.
A black and white photograph of the train station. The station has a sign that reads "Graham" in white lettering on the side of the building. The year has been handwritten in black to the left-hand side of the photograph. Handwritten on the back of the image it reads "Graham Station 1914."

Construction on the train station began in 1911 for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway as a divisional point for the Grand Trunk transcontinental line. The station became operational the following year, and construction was completed in November of 1913. The original exterior was done in clapboard with ornamental cedar shingles. The station was eventually incorporated into the C.N.R. systems, and in 1937 was refinished in a Tudor inspired timber and stucco design. This was brought about by a C.N.R. corporate initiative to renew it's stations and cut operating costs. The station remained a pivotal point in the town until the 1960's when permanent roads were constructed leading to and from the town. The train station is currently undergoing another restoration to bring it back to it's former 1937 glory and make it a jewel of the town once again.
Source: http://www.historicplaces.ca
Graham (now Sioux Lookout), Ontario
Graham Station 1914
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Graham Station 1914Graham Station 1914