Putting Down Roots : Artefacts and photographs from our community's early days.
pre 1912
L-34.5 cm
Graham, Ontario (now Sioux Lookout)
This pot is stenciled in black with "Compliments of Gregory and Cooper, Graham Ontario." The pot has a mottled grey surface with a very long, thin metal handle. A hole at the end of the handle allows the pot to be hung on the wall when not in use.

With a growing population to service, Gregory and Cooper's was the first general store to open in the area. Similar to today, many of the first businesses to open in Sioux Lookout were located on Front Street.
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Metal Pot- FrontMetal Pot- Front
Metal Pot- SideMetal Pot- Side
Metal Pot- TopMetal Pot- Top
Metal Pot- BottomMetal Pot- Bottom
Metal Pot- DetailMetal Pot- Detail