Putting Down Roots : Artefacts and photographs from our community's early days.
c. 1907- 1912
A black and white photograph of a family standing on a porch outside of a wooden building. There are nine people in the frame and a large dog on the right-hand side of the group being embraced by one of the children. The family are all wearing thick winter coats and there is snow on the ground in front of the cabin.

The handwritten caption that accompanies the photograph reads "MacDonald Family, 1907- 12, Hugh J. MacDonald, Hattie, Sadie, May, Jean, Mother, Jessie, Ernest, Mildred. Douglas. Graham, Ontario."

The caption on the back lists the family's names again but with the added notes "Margaret died in Sioux Lookout at 13 months, buried across lake on the Lookout."
Graham (now Sioux Lookout), Ontario
MacDonald Family
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MacDonald FamilyMacDonald Family