Through a Northern Lens : Photographs of Our Community
This sepia toned photograph shows the opening of the post office on Front St. A band can be seen playing right in front of the building and a large crowd has formed to watch them, all standing with their backs towards the photographer. Written in white on the lower portion of the photograph it reads "Opening of Post Office, April 13-38, Sioux Lookout." The back has been printed to read "Post Card, Made in Canada." so that the image can double as correspondence.

The federal post office building was opened due to the influx of mail in areas north of Sioux Lookout. The mail would come to Sioux Lookout by train where it was sorted and sent north via either air or water transportation. There were times when inclement weather made mail delivery up north impossible, however, the train would still run; dropping off bags and bags of mail to be sorted and delivered. It became apparent that more space was needed than the previous location (at 42 King St.) could afford, so in 1938 the Front St. location was opened. The main floor served as the post office while the upper floor was the premise of the Indian Affairs Branch and for the custodian.

Source: Tracks Beside the Water, Vol. 1, p. 141
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Opening of Post Office
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Opening of Post OfficeOpening of Post Office