Through a Northern Lens : Photographs of Our Community
A black and white photograph of a man standing in front of a truck. He is wearing a cap with three buttons on the left-hand side, a jacket and light-coloured shirt. He is holding a very large fish (a muskie?) in front of him. On the truck behind him the visible section of the drivers side door reads "Mike Ament's Lodge & Camps," with a list of the types of fish available in the area on the cab including muskies, trout and bass.

Handwritten in blue ballpoint pen on the back of the image it reads "Gordon Eady, Mike's Runner." Printed on the back as well in black it reads "Postcard" so that the photograph can double as correspondence.

Mike Amen's first tourist camp; Kenneally Lodge was the first of it's kind in the area. It was located on the west side of Little Vermillion Lake with guests arriving in Hudson via C.N. By 1928 the camp was well known internationally and was a draw for many famous entertainers and literary figures of the era. Mike bought a second camp in the 30's, but ended up selling both shortly after the war.

Ament's lodge employed many local boys, including Gordon Eady, as guides. Each were provided with an Elliot boat, a Johnson motor, a two gallon can of gas, a tool kit and paddles. They were expected to clean their boats every day after use and earned a wage of $3.00 per day.
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Gordon Eady- Mike's Runner
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Gordon Eady- Mike's RunnerGordon Eady- Mike's Runner