From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
c. 1920's
H-26 W-47 L-27 cm
United Typewriter Co. Limited
An Underwood Standard No. 3 with the serial number 55222574-14. The body of the typewriter is black with some gold decorative flourishes on the sides. The keys are off-white with black text and silver borders around them. The typewriter has a red decal on the front, left-hand side which reads "United Typewriter Co. Limited, In all Canadian Cities." the typewriter has a list of patent dates printed on the back.

The typewriter was originally used by Mrs. Ward at the Zone Hospital in Sioux Lookout. The zone hospital used to act as the administrative and functional headquarters for the Sioux Lookout Zone of Medical Services Branch, Health and Welfare Canada. At one point in time, the zone covered an area of approximately 385,000 square kilometers, almost a third of the total area of the province. The Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital has since amalgamated with the Sioux Lookout General Hospital. In 2010 the Meno Ya Win Health Center was opened and provides service to both Sioux Lookout residents, and those who live farther north on the reserves.
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Underwood Standard No. 3- FrontUnderwood Standard No. 3- Front
Underwood Standard No. 3Underwood Standard No. 3
Underwood Standard No. 3- DetailUnderwood Standard No. 3- Detail
Underwood Standard No. 3- SideUnderwood Standard No. 3- Side
Underwood Standard No. 3- BackUnderwood Standard No. 3- Back
Underwood Standard No. 3- SideUnderwood Standard No. 3- Side