From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
c. 1914-1918
W-47 L-73 cm
An olive green military uniform from the first world war. This waist length jacket is made of a thick wool and has four pockets; two at the hip and two on the breast. It has light green double chevron patches on the tops of both arms. The buttons running down the front of the jacket, on the pockets and on the epaulets say 'Canada" at the top and have an emblem underneath. The emblem consists of a circle with the French phrase, "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense," which means "Shamed be he who thinks evil of it. Inside of the circle is the maple leaf, and above the circle is a small crown. On the left hand side of the collar is a metal pin in the shape of a maple leaf with a crown at the center. At the ends of both epaulets are metal pins which spell out "Canada." There is a strip of brown leather on the inside of the collar which protects the wearer from two metal hooks and eyes that serve to do up the collar. The jacket has no lining, but inside an off-white cotton patch has been sewn in. Handwritten on the patch it reads "2275 Cpt. Swartman, M.O.H., North Toronto, Ont., Waubaushene, Ont."

The jacket was worn by Gifford Swartman during the World War I. After the war he lived in Sioux Lookout and worked for Provincial Air Service (P.A.S.).
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WWI Uniform- Front-WWI Uniform- Front-
WWI Uniform- Detail of Pin on CollarWWI Uniform- Detail of Pin on Collar
WWI Uniform- DetailWWI Uniform- Detail
WWI Uniform- SideWWI Uniform- Side
WWI Uniform- DetailWWI Uniform- Detail
WWI Uniform- BackWWI Uniform- Back
WWI Uniform- Inside LabelWWI Uniform- Inside Label