From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
W-17 L-25 cm
A wooden stick doll with a red gingham dress and white apron. The doll has a handpainted face with black hair. She has wooden arms and legs that have also been handpainted. Accompanying the larger doll is a small baby doll. The baby has been handpainted as well and is also made of wood. It has been wrapped in bright blue string.

This doll was once owned by Mrs. Barager, Peggy Sanders' Mother.
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Stick Doll- FrontStick Doll- Front
Stick Doll- BackStick Doll- Back
Stick Doll- SideStick Doll- Side
Stick Doll- BabyStick Doll- Baby
Stick Doll- BabyStick Doll- Baby