From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
H-8.5 W-6.8 L-18.5 cm
A pair of child's beaded ankle moccasins made for, and worn by Dorothy Woods. Her initials, "D.W." are beaded on top of the moccasins. Running up the ankles is an ornate floral beaded pattern done in white, green, pink and purple.

Dorothy Woods was the daughter of H.G. Woods who was hired as Port Manager for the Hudson's Bay Company, he and his wife arrived there by way of canoe from Marathon. The trip took roughly three to four days. Woods, his wife and two children were the only non-aboriginal people to live on the Bear Island Reserve in Temagami year round.
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Chilren's Moccasins- TopChilren's Moccasins- Top
Chilren's Moccasin- SideChilren's Moccasin- Side
Chilren's Moccasins- BackChilren's Moccasins- Back
Chilren's Moccasin- DetailChilren's Moccasin- Detail
Chilren's Moccasin- Top DetailChilren's Moccasin- Top Detail