From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
W-41 L-84 cm
The chest protector is made of a light brown material with a brown leather border. It has two canvas straps at the shoulders and an off-white elastic strap at the waist.

This baseball catcher's chest guard was found in the old Y.M.C.A. and then brought to the home of Mrs. Hermina Hoey where it hung in her basement for many years.

The Y.M.C.A. was first established in Sioux Lookout in 1923. It was originally located in a red brick building right on Front Street. It had 32 resident rooms and served as an important social hub of the town. Various activities took place there such as movies and dances. There were two bowling alleys in the basement and a tennis court at the side of the building. During the summer, the Y.M.C.A. offered swimming courses where many Sioux Lookout residents first learned to swim. The organization was very active until the 1960's when it ceased to exist as such. The building was converted to office spaces for a time, but is now no longer extant. A part of the building remains and has been converted into bunkhouse accommodations for C.N.R. crews.
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Baseball Chest GuardBaseball Chest Guard
Baseball Chest GuardBaseball Chest Guard