From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
H-26.5 W-21 cm
This leather dog harness would have been used for pulling a sled. It has two brown leather straps with two black painted buckles on both sides. The left strap has an additional smaller strap with two rusty buckles attached.

While primarily used for recreation now, dog teams once played an important role in Sioux Lookout as a means of transportation. In the early 1920's, teams were used to deliver supplies to the mines around Ignace from Westfort. Teams were also used to deliver mail from Hudson to the Goldpines and Ear Falls area. Though this mode of transportation began to fade out beginning in the 30's it is still enjoyed by many Sioux Lookout residents today.
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Dog HarnessDog Harness
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Dog HarnessDog Harness
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