From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
H-79 W-60.5 L-84 cm
A children's school desk from the Sacred Heart School. The desk is comprised of a wooden seat on the front with a wooden table attached to the back for the student sitting behind to use. The desk has heavy metal legs which have been painted black. The seat on the chair portion of the desk is adjustable. On top of the table a circle has been cut out on the right hand side for an inkwell to sit in. A small trough has also been carved in to the wood at the top of the desk to rest pens and pencils in. Numerous students have carved their initials in to the top of the desk. Embossed on the metal leg on one side it reads "J.S.M. Bo Ltd."

The original Sacred Heart School was built in 1926 with Bishop Brodeur as the driving force. In that first September, there were 110 students enrolled. Until 1940, classes were taught by four sisters from the Loretto Abbey in Toronto. They were replaced by Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions who were gradually replaced by lay teachers in the 1960's. The school moved to it's new location, just blocks away from where the old school stood in 1994.
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School DeskSchool Desk
School Desk- SeatSchool Desk- Seat
School Desk- SideSchool Desk- Side
School Desk- BackSchool Desk- Back
School Desk- Desk TopSchool Desk- Desk Top
School DeskSchool Desk