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The Elliott Brothers
One of two aircraft skis made by the Elliott Brothers of Sioux Lookout. The ski is made of three pieces of light coloured wood which have been varnished. The underside is covered with brass with has been attached to the wood with copper nails. A decal that reads "The Elliott Bros., Sioux Lookout, Ont." has been adhered to the middle piece of wood.

The skis were made by the Elliott Brothers, Carmen and Warner, who came to Sioux Lookout in 1915. The brothers worked in the roundhouse for awhile but soon decided to go into business for themselves. They opened a workshop by their house where they crafted airplane skis, boats and snowshoes among other things. The quality of their workmanship soon made them famous as their skis were used by Admiral Byrd for the first and second South Pole explorations. Their skis were also widely used during the Second World War; at the height of which, 25 men were employed in their shop.
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Aircraft SkisAircraft Skis
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Aircraft Ski- TopAircraft Ski- Top
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