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W-37 L-65 cm
This heavy cotton canvas Daily Bulletin newspaper bag has two strips of florescent tape sewn on to either side of the canvas handle. The name is stenciled in blue ink/paint in a calligraphic script.

The Daily Bulletin was begun in 1936 by Mr. K.D. Campbell and his then secretary, Zella Wright. She was then the editor of the newspaper as well as the publisher from 1941-1955. The paper was then taken over by W.H. "Paddy" Houston and his wife Victoria, who continued to publish it until the 1970's. In the late 1970's it was purchased by Stu and Ingrid Cummings.
Though Sioux Lookout no longer has a daily newspaper, residents look forward to receiving the Bulletin once a week to catch up on their current events.
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Daily Bulletin Bag- FrontDaily Bulletin Bag- Front
Daily Bulletin Bag- DetailDaily Bulletin Bag- Detail
Daily Bulletin Bag- BackDaily Bulletin Bag- Back