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H-17.8 W-26.7 L-34.9 Dia-30.8 Cir-90.3 cm
Used in the Alcona Mines, the brown miner's helmet it a size 13. It was molded from a very hard plastic. The brass lamp attached to the front of the helmet has a band of cracked black rubber around the base. There is a leather string that goes around the lining and ties on the exterior, back of the helmet so that it may be easily adjusted to fit the wearer.

George Michaud of Alcona discovered gold on his trapline in 1928. This led to a flurry of activity in the area over the next few years. Consolidated Mining and Smelting, Atlas Explorations, Alcona and Split Lake Mines, and Alkenore Buffalo Mines all took turns trying to bring the property into production, but as the depression worsened finances fell short. Though the history of the mine was short lived, it did provide a small economic boon to the people of Alcona (about ten miles east of Sioux Lookout).
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Miner's Helmet- FrontMiner's Helmet- Front
Miner's Helmet- SideMiner's Helmet- Side
Miner's Helmet- SideMiner's Helmet- Side
Miner's Helmet- BackMiner's Helmet- Back
Miner's Helmet- BottomMiner's Helmet- Bottom
Miner's Helmet- LightMiner's Helmet- Light
Miner's Helmet- DetailMiner's Helmet- Detail
Miner's Helmet- LightMiner's Helmet- Light