From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
c. 1940's
H-0.1 Dia-2.6 Cir-8.8 cm
The eight-sided aluminium bread token was good for one loaf of bread at The Florence Bakery in Sioux Lookout during WWII.

George "Doughie" Florence operated the bakery with Billie Green on Front St. The bakery was originally started by George's father, Edwin under the name "North Ontario Bakery." George began by helping his father in the bakery; first delivering bread with his dog and sled, and then later with his Model T. One of his tasks in the shop was to cut the doughnuts, which led to the nickname "Doughnut" later shortened to "Doughie" as he became widely known throughout town.
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Bread TokenBread Token
Bread TokenBread Token