From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
W-43.5 L-47 cm
A heavy cotton canvas money bag with the stencil "Imperial Bank of Canada, Goldpines, Ont." on it in light grey. To the top, bottom and side of the grey text are three stencils in black lettering that read "F. Moore." On the back is a leather strap with a brass clasp.

This money bag was used to ship money from Gold Pines to Hudson and Red Lake. Gold was discovered in Red Lake in 1925 and from 1926 on, Hudson served as a jumping off point for the gold rush with men using a variety of modes of transportation to make the circuitous trip between the three points. After reaching Hudson by rail, gold seekers would continues by boat in the summer; often stopping at Gold Pines overnight, where $18.00 bought a bed for the night and a hearty breakfast. During the winter, dog sledding was very popular, though others travelled via snowshoe, skis and horse-drawn sleigh. Because of the gold rush, there was also the quick development of commercial aviation in the area.
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