From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
W-21.5 L-36.4 cm
This pair of aboriginal beaded gauntlets has an abstract floral motif on the cuffs. The gauntlets are made of leather and have fringe running around the wrist and along the sides.

They were originally owned by Dan Ward. He worked for the Department of Games and Fisheries from 1920 until 1934. From 1920-1926 he was a Game Warden and from 1926 until 1934, he was District Manager. The district extended from Armstrong to the border with Manitoba and North to Hudson Bay. Dan later worked as a tourist operator in Sioux Lookout along with his wife, Edna. They purchased a tract of land off Pelican Lake which they named West Point Cove and built a series of cabins there which they ran until the mid 60's.
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Beaded Glove- TopBeaded Glove- Top
Beaded Glove- DetailBeaded Glove- Detail
Beaded Glove- FingersBeaded Glove- Fingers
Beaded Glove- UndersideBeaded Glove- Underside
Beaded Glove- SideBeaded Glove- Side
Beaded GlovesBeaded Gloves