From the Permanent Collection : A Collection of Stories
c. 1906-1916
H-21 W-11.75 L-23 cm
Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester NY, U.S.A.
The Premo No. 1 folding camera made by Kodak was designed as a very company camera that could easily fit in one's coat pocket. This camera is the only one in the museum's collection with the old style bulb shutter release. To use the camera, the photographer squeezes the air out of the black rubber bulb to open the shutter and releases it to close it.

The camera is covered in dark brown leather with light red bellows. Printed around the lens it reads "Made by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester NY U.S.A." Stamped on the small leather strap on top it reads "Premo." And there is a small red and black decal on the top of the camera which reads "Film No. 1. The Primo Camera." There is a small glass adjustable viewfinder on the left-hand side of the platform.

A paper tag was found along with the camera which reads "Camera, bought in Day's Drug Store in 1932, Donated by Mildred Eady." However, the camera was manufactured much earlier.

Dr. Day first arrived in Sioux Lookout in 1909 to work as a family physician. His first office was a tar paper shack but was often called to patient's homes to perform procedures. Over the years, Dr. Day operated drug stores at two different locations in Sioux lookout over the years and was deeply involved in the local school board and the church.

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Kodak Folding Camera- FrontKodak Folding Camera- Front
Kodak Folding Camera- Lens DetailKodak Folding Camera- Lens Detail
Kodak Folding Camera- SideKodak Folding Camera- Side
Kodak Folding Camera- SideKodak Folding Camera- Side
Kodak Folding CameraKodak Folding Camera